XProtean’s Telluride solution is delivered entirely from the cloud on a SaaS basis and allows retailers to coordinate central activities with multiple stores.

Telluride software is a robust and scalable platform, addressing the ease-of-use and flexibility needs that are unique to this market. The Telluride solution integrates several functions, ranging from customer interaction toemployee and inventory management and from the point of sale to back-end connectivity to mobile device apps.

Telluride is a based on a Multi-Channel Service Oriented Architecture. Using the underlying ARTS Data Model (, Telluride can easily be extended to handle vertical specific requirements with minimal customization.

Value Proposition

  • Platform independent and hardware agnostic client applications – eliminates Operating System Licenses and reduces spend on high end hardware *
  • A low monthly payment for the Telluride SaaS service improves your ROI, no expenditure on IT and back office servers ensures a Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Powerful enterprise features that give you control over what is happening at the stores from anywhere over the internet
  • Make sense of data from the stores and through real time reports and use them to make corrections to your sales strategy; Faster response times to market changes and competition
  • Installation and Support at your locations will no longer be a headache; Benefit from the Software as a Service model that allows software installation and rolling out feature enhancements effortlessly
  • Manage a single store or a chain of stores with ease
  • Focus your time and effort into running your business rather than planning and managing infrastructure and resolving IT issues.
  • Transform your business by streamlining business processes with the help of detailed analytics.
  • A user friendly interface ensures minimal training at store level

  • A One-click install at the store that allows you to start ringing sales in minutes.
  • Any number of lanes can be added at a store without the requirement to set up a LAN or a back office server
  • Fraud Detection
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Intuitive and easy to use touch enabled user interface; cashiers can get started with minimal training
  • Smart phone based client apps equip store managers with powerful tools to manage store data
  • Offline capability that allows store users to continue using the system without interruptions during internet outages
  • Accept credit cards, debit cards and support a variety of coupons and other tender types
  • Inventory Management functions that enables you to reduce shrinkage and improve your bottom line
  • Raise Purchas e Orders and track goods received against Purchase Orders or Direct Store Deliveries and get the best out of your suppliers
  • Submit Purchase Orders and receive invoices electronically
  • Centralized call center feature through which orders can be routed to the store nearest to the customer
  • Access real time reports and analyze performance of stores from any location through an enterprise reporting application
  • Schedule KPI reports to be emailed to decision makers at desired frequency
Technology and Standards

  • AI and ML Modules
  • Highly secure environment – tested and certified by fortune 500 partners
  • Based on Java and other proven open source technologies designed to scale seamlessly
  • Built in redundancies on a cloud back end ensuring a high uptime
  • Built on Association of Retail Technology Standards (ARTS) data model